Brokers, Ferraris, Stacking and More

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Some sneak peeks and commentary:
* I interviewed the president of a Ferrari-driving MCA brokerage who started off as a telemarketer that lived in his car.

* A CPA firm and Law firm submitted interesting takes on different industry practices.

* As much as I wanted to cool off on the topic of stacking for a while, those interviewed by our journalists couldn’t stop talking about it. It is apparently unavoidable and inescapable. Whether you stack or you don’t it’s one of the first nuggets to pop up in any conversation about short term business financing. Coincidentally, I had the privilege of being in the room with some industry leaders a few weeks ago and a discussion about stacking inevitably dominated the debate.

* There’s lot of new brokers in the space and not just human middlemen, but platforms that are really just technology-based brokers. We investigated what’s driving the new brokers and how to handle them. Separately, we interviewed a technology company that automates loan picks so that retail lenders don’t have to.

There’s more of course. You’ll just have to subscribe and wait for it to arrive in the mail. They’ll be sent out at the end of this month.

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Last modified: March 11, 2015
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