A Bitcoin Moment

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late nightI had a moment recently. It was late at night and I was ready to hit the hay.

“Oh wait, there’s something I need to get out of the way,” I told myself.

I had kept delaying the purchase of a new printer cord to replace the one I mangled. It was time to end that procrastination now! Even though it was 1 AM, I was sure that it would only take a few minutes to place an online order and I summoned the motivation to go for it.

Addicted to Amazon’s 1-Click ordering feature, I was bummed to discover they didn’t have the cord I needed. With no time to waste, I used Google to find a site that did carry it.

Found one.

Add to shopping cart.

Select payment method.


I didn’t have my credit card number memorized and I looked across the unlit room to see if my wallet lay nearby. It was somewhere in a pile on the coffee table, or maybe it was upstairs, or maybe I left it in my pants pocket. Unsure and too tired, I selected PayPal to speed things up, a service I hadn’t used in a while.

forgot paypal pwIncorrect password.


I entered my email address and completed a captcha.

No email…

Refresh email.

Still nothing.

Refresh email again.


Agitated, I started Googling for help about not receiving a PayPal password reset email and instead ended up on a message board where people griped about PayPal in general.

After perusing that forum like a zombie, I got up and walked around. My wallet wasn’t downstairs or at least I couldn’t find it.

Thirty six minutes had gone by since I first encountered the checkout screen. I stopped caring about the cord and I resolved to never print anything ever again.

Before shutting down the computer for the night, I checked my phone. The only news alert I had was about bitcoin. I laughed out loud and went back to the checkout screen. Bitcoin was a payment option. I selected it, copied and pasted the payment address and sent bitcoins stored on my computer to it.

Order placed.

I needed to buy a cord online. Credit card was out of reach. PayPal password was forgotten. Bitcoin saved Gotham.

Last modified: February 1, 2015
Sean Murray

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