Yellowstone Capital Surpasses $8 Million Funded in August

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Yellowstone Capital, A New York based Merchant Cash Advance firm is reporting via social media the results of yet another great month:

Amazing month everyone!!! We funded 394 deals for a total of $8,105,450!!!!!!!…ya that’s right boys and girls we funded over 8MM!!!! Huge congratulations to Amac for funding over a Million dollars, Congrats to Paltrow for funding $843k, Congrats to Marano for banging out  $719k and of course last but not least Jimmy Puleo who funded

$943k on commission revenues of $255k!!!!!!


Thank you to our funding partners! SFS stepped up big time and funded $2.8MM for us!! STD Capital AKA Lockbox Steve/AKA Tariq funded $2.6MM for the month and the newest funder for YSC was 2nd Stern Funding who came charging out of the gate the last 7 days of the month by funding $550k!!!


A special thank you to all our support staff!!


Open bar at Ulysses to celebrate at 630!


Lets push for $10MM in September!!!

Last modified: April 20, 2019
Sean Murray

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