Top 10 Merchant Cash Advance Funders for 2010

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According to data compiled by infoUSA, this is a breakdown of marketshare by the top 10 funders:

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Max Alewel

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Relatively close to what our own analysis proved, the chart has some flaws:

  • Advance Restaurant Finance is a licensed lender, not a provider of Merchant Cash Advance or purchaser of future credit card sales.
  • We estimate there to be at least 37 active funding providers. A breakdown of marketshare between 10 of them doesn’t represent the share of the overall market, just between eachother.
  • There are no quantifications, # of deals, dollar amounts etc.

We still appreciate Max’s work as it serves to complement and back up the claims we have made. If you still haven’t seen the data, check it out

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Last modified: February 21, 2013
Sean Murray

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