How to Start a Merchant Cash Advance Company

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Originally published: 4/11/2011

One of our readers e-mailed us this question:

I would like to open a MCA company. What do I need and where do I apply ? Do I need permit, license or what? Where can I get the help and info?

– From: J.H.



Are you looking to be the actual funding provider or a broker?

If you’re looking to be the provider, you should spend some time brokering the deals first. You need to get your feet wet and get the hang of what the business is all about. You will not the have the security that a bank has, such as collateral or a fixed payment schedule.

A summary of basic terminology and processes:

Here’s what other companies require and analyze:

You need to ensure that your contracts, agreements, applications, and marketing materials are consistent with the transaction being a purchase of future sales, not a loan.

Additionally, you don’t need to start a funding company from scratch. There are Merchant Cash Advance funding networks such as Colonial Funding Network that can provide everything you need, including systems, underwriting, and even a portion of the capital itself. You make the deal, they service the account.

We hope that helps.

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