Get 25% Off Your Next Merchant Cash Advance – Funding Coupons?

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Still get excited about the coupons tucked neatly into the Sunday newspaper? Savvy shoppers can still spot the special deals. 40% off Post Cereal Products, Buy One Pint of Breyers Ice Cream and Get One Free, and $25 off your next Merchant Cash Advance. Wait….what?

By sheer coincidence, we randomly stumbled across this on the internet:

Get $25 Cash Back Discount on Merchant Cash Group

Merchant Cash Group COUPON

This is as seen on We have witnessed special promotion offers in the industry before, but never in the form of an actual coupon. 

Considering a Merchant Cash Advance is actually a sale of the merchant’s future receivables to the funding provider, one must wonder if Merchant Cash Group would be the one redeeming their own coupon to get an even steeper discount. They are in actuality the buyer in the transaction after all. Food for thought!

Some of you may know Merchant Cash Group as the Direct Funder in Gainesville, FL. Word has it that they are pretty good people. They have not contributed to this article, nor have we informed them of it. We will gladly share any comment they have on this. The same goes for all our readers.

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Last modified: February 21, 2013
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