A Merchant Cash Advance Company Says ‘Done Deal’

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New York based Merchant Cash Advance(MCA) provider Merchant Cash and Capital(MCC) is putting their money where their mouth is and getting creative in the underwriting process. A far cry from black and white bank methodology, MCC has approved merchants whose businesses have been to hell and back. While financially sustainable in the long run, these merchants faced short term obstacles that required someone to dig deeper, try harder, and ultimately believe in them.

Coincidentally, we got ahold of this right after publishing an article that criticized ‘credit score only’ underwriting models (When Average Credit is Better Than Excellent Credit – Data Points). MCC offers proof of advanced analysis in a promotional flyer, titled “Done Deal.” The challenges include a restaurant that was temporarily closed, a movie theatre facing frivolous lawsuits, and a tough industry with declining sales. While we can’t comment on their success, it’s the kind of work that requires a big thumbs up from the small business community. Countless merchants have surely found themselves uttering these words at some point or another: “If I can just get the capital to get over this one small obstacle, I know I’ll make it. Who will listen to my story and help?” We urge these merchants to keep the faith and find a MCA provider that suits your needs.

It’s also worth mentioning that 2 of the 3 case studies offered by MCC were six figure deals. We recently singled them out as one of three industry giants (Who is Really Getting a $250,000 Merchant Cash Advance?) that were most capable of funding up to $1,000,000. Right on the mark and right on schedule, Strategic Funding Source, another New York based provider, announced the closing of a $4 Million deal just last week.

Remember where you heard it! The Merchant Cash Advance Resource is providing a play by play of an industry that is quickly gaining ground on their distant, overhyped challenger, SBA Loans. The gap is narrowing and businesses are benefitting. “Done Deal!”

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Last modified: February 21, 2013
Sean Murray

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