Merchant Processing Resource Upgrades

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The contributors of the Merchant Processing and Merchant Cash Advance Resource community would like to thank our visitors for stopping by and all your feedback. In fact, we now have so many daily visits that our web hosting bandwidth was maxing out. This has forced us to upgrade the site (That means pay $$$) to ensure the success and growth of our free resources and articles.

Some of our visitors are reporting technical difficulties or malfunctioning widgets throughout the site. We apologize and have plans to fix them at some point. Keep in mind, we are credit card processing and advance funding professionals so we are doing our best with learning web programming in our free time!

Our domain now supports private e-mail. You may contact us with questions, concerns input, articles, at

For those that didn’t know, our community includes the following:

  • The Ability to submit your own articles – Submit Here
  • A community discussion forum on merchant processing – Forum here
  • A community discussion forum on merchant cash advance – Forum here

Thank you!

-The Resource

Last modified: February 21, 2013
Sean Murray

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