MCA Funding Statistics for New York in October 2010

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From New York Secretary of State from 10/1/2010 through 10/31/2010

Number of deals funded:

AdvanceMe                                    18

Merchant Cash and Capital            15

First Funds                                     12

Merchants Capital Access              11

Capital For Merchants                     9

1st Merchant Funding                      7

Max Advance                                   4

Strategic Funding Source                4

AmeriMerchant                                2

Snap Advances                               2

EZ Business Cash Advance            2    

Business Financial Services            1

Greystone Business Resource        1

RapidAdvance                                  1 (don’t always file UCCs)

American Finance Solutions            1

Bankcard Funding                            1

Merchant Capital Source                 0

GRP Funding                                   0 (don’t always file UCCs)

The Business Backer                       0

Merchant Cash Group                      0



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