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Many ISOs are dabbling with funding their own merchants these days. The industry is maturing into a whole new generation of Broker/Funding hybrids. A great $10,000 deal might be worth your own private investment. 😀

The Merchant Cash Advance Resource has been compiling a directory of actual funding sources and invite you to be listed on our site. There is no cost and this site merely serves as an impartial central hub for industry information. This site receives over 100 visitors every day from ISOs, Funders, Merchants, Financial Firms, Processors, etc. Your company will receive widespread positive exposure to all the right people. If your company has a blog, we will link the feed right to your profile.

To be added, you must be an actual direct funder capable of showing us 5 recent UCC filings as evidence of your advances. We will also seek to verify your status with other insiders in the industry. Hybrid firms are acceptable as long as you also provide your own capital to clients. To be added, please e-mail us at

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Last modified: September 9, 2013
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