Georgia Funding Race 2010

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Of the 20 major Direct Funding firms, who are the real players? Where do small businesses in Georgia have the best odds of obtaining capital? We checked with the Georgia Secretary of State to find out just how many deals each of these funders have done this year so far. Here is what we found:

From 1/1/2010 through 9/30/2010

  1. AdvanceMe                                    114 deals
  2. Merchant Cash and Capital             81 deals
  3. First Funds                                       35 deals
  4. Business Financial Services            34 deals
  5. 1st Merchant Funding                      25 deals
  6. Greystone Business Resources      18 deals
  7. Capital For Merchants                     17 deals
  8. Strategic Funding Source                15 deals
  9. RapidAdvance                                 14 deals (don’t always file UCCs)
  10. Max Advance                                   13 deals     
  11. Merchants Capital Access               12 deals       
  12. Merchant Capital Source                   9 deals
  13. GRP Funding                                     9 deals (don’t always file UCCs)
  14. AmeriMerchant                                  7 deals
  15. Snap Advances                                 5 deals
  16. American Finance Solutions              4 deals
  17. Sterling Funding                                 4 deals    
  18. Bankcard Funding                              4 deals
  19. The Business Backer                         3 deals
  20. Centerboard Funding                         0 deals  

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