I have started an outsourced sales company and can sales with these companies lenders/funders:

WCM / Jumbo 1st & 2nds - full financials & 3rd - 4th -5th positions with no financials)

Central Diligence Group / Low rates - bigger deals - good on construction

Libertas / Great low rates - longer term Bpaper 2nds

IOU Financial / core deals up to 150k are 12 month paying 9 at 1.32 sell rates. But can go up to 18 mos and 300k
We enter the deals in the portal for you and pay you 9pts on qualifying core deals

Property Loans / 1-4 balloon notes - 10-14% interest rates - Monthly Interest Only payments

Im looking for a sales assistant junior sales person to help me follow on approved deals, help improve my conversion rate, and stay in touch with clientel. Im based in Atlanta and need you to also be here. This person can bring some of their own accounts.

I am also looking for other sales people that have active relationships that would like to market these products to their customer base.

if interested in the details contact me via email at jackie.nickell@xfunder.solutions