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  • Need Lender For Canadian Deal-160k

    Construction company in Canada recently acquired 3 year major contract @$90k month plus additional charges. I have all supporting docs(Contract, scope of work & awarded $ amount of contract) With this contract in place they are now making a substantial amount more in revenue & profit per month.

    Applicant is looking for 120k-160k to buy a 16í Apex Hydroseeder with 298hrs on it($127,000) & AG Chem 4-Wheel Terragator ďBig AĒ with no bed($16,900)

    Tot Income (12/31-08/31)=$953,786.00
    Total Profit (12/31-08/31)= $340,627.00

    Credit Score: 704 FICO

    Prior ISO thought he was slick-Not saying any names but Iím sure youíll see this-Any how this ISO decided to edit the applicants bank statement to make the file seem more appealing to underwriting but the idiot didnít realize that they would require more than just bank statements for a deal that was 160k. In conclusion, the file got flagged and the ISO jumped ship. Unfortunately the applicant is a great guy with a phenomenal company. Who ever picks up this deal and funds it...I can guarantee you atleast 2.5miló3 mil in funding over the next 18 months from the applicant.

    **2ND Deal

    I have need a purchase order deal funded- Owner needs 50% ($200k) of P.O. paid for. Net-30 Payment terms
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    Hello, My name is Cam and I have extensive experience and lending capability for both your deals. Full transparency, quick responses along with courteous expert service. I guarantee the best rates, terms and offers along with excellent commission percentages. My contact info:, Tel: 310-707-1235. Thanks, Cam