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  • SimonFunding2025
    started a topic Franchise Company

    Franchise Company

    I have a franchise company in TX that is coming off a MCA that they completely paid off

    Here is the situation

    They were a previous default so they just finished paying off this default loan program
    The company that funded them took one extra payment and did not reimburse him
    They will not issue a zero balance letter to him because they are trying to keep him in house
    They want to renew him for 80k after funding him 40k
    This is NOT the first client that they have pulled more than one payment on accidentally (apparently they have a stacking fee clause

    This franchise company does 300-500k a month

    I want to briong him somewhere else

    Anthony 347 439 8710...
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  • Searching for Experienced Merchant Cash Advance Reps

    We are looking to expand our sales team
    Looking for dedicated, motivated and disciplined individuals that can work from home

    WE can provide leads and a 50 percent payout across the board


    ANTHONY 347 439 8710
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  • SimonFunding2025
    started a topic real estate deal in CO

    real estate deal in CO

    the owner is looking for a $1,000,000 loan for a 2nd mortgage on the property in Frederick CO 80504. Hoping for 8% or better.

    The loan will be contributing to building a $4.5M value solar farm, a $500K value ADU for rental income, and secured by the $2M value SFR already on the property and rented out. Total after improvement value of $7M, and a debt of $900K existing mortgage-NOT refinancing that as it is lower than 3%, and the $1M 2nd mortgage.

    The solar farm is also being supported by grants, selling the tax credits and efficient construction.

    After improvement revenue:
    $20,000 Net from the solar farm
    $4,000 Rent from the ADU
    $5,2000 Rent from primary dwelling
    $29,000 Gross Monthly Revenue
    -$4,500 1st Mortgage
    -$7,300 2nd Mortgage
    $17,200 Net Monthly Revenue

    Please let me know if you have a program for this, and what documents you need, thanks.

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  • Now Hiring : Serious Inquiries only please

    Simon Funding has been in business since 2015

    We help small to medium size business owners obtain working capital for their business thru three verticals

    Hard Money Lenders (MCA Space- Merchant Cash Advance )
    Government Loans (SBA Space)
    Term Loan Financing (private Lending Institutions)

    We are looking for a performance based sales team. (Commission only)

    We will provide you with leads and a competitive performance package

    Very Lucrative income potential (100k your first joke!!!)

    You MUST have prior experience in ANY of the following fields:

    Former Stockbroker
    Mortgage Brokers
    Merchant Cash Advance Brokers
    Former Sales Phone Rep-must be related to sales

    Looking for people who find results not make excuses

    High Starting Payouts

    Serious Inquiries only

    Contact Anthony for more info 646 202 0095
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  • SimonFunding2025
    started a topic Deal in OK

    Deal in OK

    I need a bank that will fund a company that just switched to blue vine bank

    646 202 0095
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  • EmilyGrace
    started a topic ISO New ISO's

    ISO New ISO's

    In Search of New ISO's! Are you a broker? Flagler Advance is a direct lender looking to fund your deals! Funding amounts from 25k-1M. 8-12 points on every deal, and ISO's who close $1 Million in the month of November will get an extra point on EVERY deal the next month! Send an email over to me at to get signed up and start closing deals TODAY....
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  • MonFund
    started a topic Send Us Your Deals - No Broker Fees

    Send Us Your Deals - No Broker Fees

    In business since 2017, Monumental Funding Solutions is your go-to for top-rated working capital solutions. Our dedicated team specializes in delivering quality service to businesses generating at least $10,000 monthly. With over 1,000 options for working capital and commercial real estate financing, we're confident we have the right solution for you.

    No Broker Fees on more products in the works!

    Flexible terms on ALL products.

    Featured Products:



    -at least $30K in outstanding balances

    -at least $30K in revenue each month over the last 90 days

    -no more than 5 negative days per month

    -at least 1 year Time In Business

    DSCR LOAN - No Income Verification

    Monumental ARV Pro Loan is the perfect program for house flippers who need a short-term solution for purchasing an investment property and financing...
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  • SimonFund2030
    started a topic I have two loans ,,,need homes

    I have two loans ,,,need homes

    Please call me asap regarding these files

    one has bank statements but has an alien registration card til 2027
    but has ss number and driver id

    ANTHONY 646 202 0095
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  • SimonFund2030
    started a topic looking to place a previous default

    looking to place a previous default

    I have a window company that also owns a transport company that had a recent default
    I need to get them funding based on the window companies' banks

    Please call me 347 439 8710
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    started a topic looking to place

    looking to place

    I have a nail salon with low balances on two positions
    Please call Tony at 347 439 8710 for deals...
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  • PFF2015
    started a topic seeking lenders

    seeking lenders

    Seeking first position lenders who can fund previous defaults

    email Anthony @

    or call 646 202 0095
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  • Real estate, Mortgage/refi leads

    To anyone that's interested, I have a multitude of Real Estate, Mortgage/refi leads. They are from 3 states: California, New Jersey, & Florida. All were actively looking for a mortgage, etc. less than a month ago. Selling in bulk, Message me for details....
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  • The Last Data Provider You Will Ever Need.

    Hello Debanked, I’m sure all of you are tired of going from lead broker to lead broker looking for the secret sauce, I know I’ve done it. That’s why we have opened Midwestern Financial solutions to the public. If you are tired of using the same overpriced UCC leads every day look no further most providers use the exact same recipe to produce leads the only difference is the price you pay. I already know I have the best price on UCC leads but that’s not the only product I offer. I’ve established a team of cold callers who produce nothing but premium inquiries all day every day sunup to sundown that we now offer for sale. To cut a long story short I’m giving you access to a sales team that will hand you nothing, but fire deals every single day delivered straight to your inbox. Hell, we even offer it as a subscription service so you can focus solely on getting to the good part, funding deals. I already work with a few select brokerages and I don’t...
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  • PFF2015
    started a topic Looking for new lenders

    Looking for new lenders

    Looking for new b thru d lenders
    1st position and onward

    the best files to the worst, please

    646 202 0095
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  • What are the real benefits of a tax free fees on a Merchant Cash Advance?

    I work with a company called and I am doing an SEO campaign. I know what the tax benefits are, but I want to be able to incorporate the tax free debt solution or (Merchant Cash Advance) within our web-site. We aren't a new company. We are a division of a firm that has a billionaire boss and a billionaire underwriter. We are on Wall Street. We are a direct lender in every sense of the word. Our lenders are friends. We can get you the best stips every time all the time, but I need help in understanding how tax free loans benefit in the MCA world.
    Can anyone elaborate further on how tax deductible loans can benefit the much saturated MCA industry, because these are default times. I need to know how to better explain this....
    New Vision Funding offers 'No Personal Guarantee Loans'! We say YES to business loans regardless of credit and income. Watch our one-minute video on the homepage to learn more!
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