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BizFunds 866-307-7241


4 Additional UCC Filing Names Used by Merchant Cash Advance Providers Added

August 23, 2011
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Our database of Merchant Cash Advance UCC filing names has been updated to reflect 4 more companies. They are:

  • BizFunds LLC – Cleveland, OH
  • Max Merchant Funding – Chevy Chase, MD
  • Mother Fund – Rockwall, TX
  • Smart Choice Capital – Brooklyn, NY

Contact inforrmation and UCC names can be found HERE.

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bizfund never stopped funding. we offer 2nd-4th positions with daily or weekly payments....

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bizfund, go behind them and then i'll go behind you (safely), , im confused. can you explain ?...

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bizfund., biz buzz capital also has a history of not accepting any outhouse iso partnerships, except for very rare situations including mr. "eric"., , today, if you send us a deal with a
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