FundKite Launches Merchant Services Division

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New division benefits businesses seeking a turnkey solution for payment processing services with innovative processing strategies, reduced costs, and access to working capital, making FundKite the ultimate resource for SMBs

Miami, Florida – July 11, 2024- FundKite, a leading provider of financial solutions for small businesses, today announced the launch of FundKite Merchant Services, a new payment processing division that expands the company’s suite of products, offering low fee merchant services and quick access to their funds. 

Small businesses in today’s economic climate are seeking capital, quality payment processing, lower costs, and real time knowledgeable customer support partners – particularly amid an uncertain economic future, tightened cash flow, and limited access to traditional financing. 

FundKite Merchant Services provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for small and medium sized businesses, including competitive rates, industry veterans with unparalleled expertise, and top-notch service and support. Supporting all major credit card networks, FundKite Merchant Services equips small business owners with best-in-class payment technology to better facilitate credit and debit card transactions with reduced fees, daily financial reporting, acceptance of other forms of electronic payments through secure, state-of-the-art point of sales systems, check guarantee, and more. 

With the new division, FundKite expands on its mission of empowering small businesses with accessible services to simplify their finances and allow them to save on processing costs. Additionally, businesses that choose FundKite Merchant Services benefit from integrated support with customized funding solutions, aiding in the management of cash flow and working capital.

“Given today’s challenging economic climate, high interest rates, strained cash flow and increased difficulty in meeting lending criteria from traditional financial institutions, it’s more crucial than ever to help Main Street American thrive, by offering savings through unique payment solutions and alternative financing options,” said Alex Shvarts, CEO of FundKite. “These businesses are evaluating and upgrading their outdated, legacy payment processing providers. We’re seeing an incredible demand for our products and are proud to offer small businesses a wider suite of solutions, so they not only survive but grow.” 

To date, FundKite has processed over 200,000 business funding applications across the country. FundKite’s continued expansion reflects its ongoing mission to serve as a trusted partner for entrepreneurs seeking financing. By offering flexible funding options, personalized service, and prioritizing long-term relationships, FundKite remains dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial ventures across the nation with their revenue-based financing solution, and now merchant services division. 

To learn more about FundKite Merchant Services, please visit here.

About FundKite

FundKite is among the fastest-growing fintech companies, introducing a unique approach to the longstanding financing industry. Utilizing a boutique funding style, FundKite provides businesses of all sizes, ranging from local small shops to major global firms, with a flexible array of products and services tailored to fit their individual financial needs. Positioned as one of the fastest-growing firms in the small business funding industry, FundKite offers up to $2,000,000 in working capital for each qualified business.

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Last modified: July 11, 2024
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