LendSaaS Partners with Actum Processing to Pioneer Real-Time Payments in MCA Sector

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In an industry-first initiative, LendSaaS, the premier Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) origination and servicing platform, is thrilled to announce its integrated partnership with Actum Processing, a leader in ACH and real-time payment processing.

Innovative Integration for Instant Merchant Funding
LendSaaS has integrated Actum’s cutting-edge RTP technology, positioning itself as the first platform in the MCA space to offer instant funding solutions to lenders. This transformative feature enables MCA lenders on the LendSaaS platform to instantly transfer funds to their merchants 24/7/365, streamlining the funding process and significantly reducing the transaction costs associated with traditional wire transfers.

Revolutionizing MCA Funding
With the integration of Actum’s RTP capabilities, LendSaaS is setting a new standard in the MCA industry. Lenders can now enjoy the dual benefits of immediate fund disbursement and cost savings, providing their merchants with unparalleled financial support and operational efficiency.

Commitment to Excellence
Both LendSaaS and Actum are committed to leveraging technology to enhance the lending experience. This partnership reflects their dedication to innovation, security, and customer satisfaction, ensuring that MCA lenders and their clients receive the best service possible.

About LendSaaS
LendSaaS is a leading software solution in the MCA industry, known for its comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline and optimize the lending process. From origination to servicing, LendSaaS provides lenders with the technology they need to succeed in a competitive market.

About Actum
Actum is at the forefront of payment processing solutions, offering secure and efficient ACH and RTP services. With a focus on innovation and reliability, Actum empowers businesses across various sectors to maximize their payment strategies.

Contact LendSaaS and Actum processing to learn more about this partnership and the benefits of real-time payments in the MCA sector.

LendSaaS / sales@lendsaas.com / (888) 369-5376
Actum Processing / sales@actumprocessing.com / (800) 975-5640

Last modified: March 28, 2024
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