Dragin Technologies Announces New President and CEO

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Dragin Technologies’ Board of Directors is pleased to announce Mark Ross as the new President & CEO. In this role, Mr. Ross will spearhead the expansion of the company’s technological capabilities, as well as its business development, sales, and marketing functions.

Mark’s journey with Dragin began following his tenure at Morgan Stanley, where, as Vice President of Strategy on the Sales & Trading desk, he developed trading tools that earned the bank millions each year. His transition to Dragin marked a turning point for the company, shifting its core focus from OCR to process automation leveraging AI and Machine Learning technologies.

At the core of Dragin’s ethos is a commitment to revolutionizing client operations. The firm’s mission is straightforward: To significantly enhance client processing speeds while concurrently reducing costs. Under Mark’s leadership, Dragin has undergone a comprehensive software overhaul, a transformation that has enhanced efficiency and equipped the company with limitless scalability.

Beyond his technological impact, Mark has also played a crucial role in driving the company’s business development and sales. His efforts have been pivotal in acquiring Dragin’s inaugural clients and forging numerous strategic business partnerships.

As Mark Ross assumes the CEO position, Dragin Technologies is poised to accelerate its growth, evolving into a formidable force in the tech industry. The company looks forward to a future of continued innovation in the process automation space, assisting clients in achieving ‘hands-free’ data processing and expanding the range of industries supported by Dragin’s products.

To learn more about Dragin, visit: https://www.dragin.io

Last modified: January 11, 2024
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