Leveraging ChatGPT for Maximum Productivity

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“…It’s just been pretty impressive how we have this technology that came out that has literally changed everything, and it was almost overnight,” said Kareem Jernigan, CFO at Leasing Associates Inc.

Earlier this week the Black Equipment Finance Network (BEFN) hosted a webinar titled ‘Leveraging ChatGPT for Maximum Productivity’ for the equipment finance space. The panelists were Cheryl Tibbs, George Parker, and Kareem Jernigan.

Jernigan is already using ChatGPT in his daily work life. In one example, he said that he commonly uses it to analyze and find errors in spreadsheets. In another, he’s saving a lot of the time he normally spent on writing.

“…I also run HR, and so I have to craft communications and/or policies,” he said, “so, when you think of crafting a policy or a communication that you have to send out, before ChatGPT that would be something that would take 4 or 5 hours to do. […] That task today I could get that done in 30 minutes.”

Meanwhile, George Parker, Co-CEO at VenSource Capital, said “You can use ChatGPT with training staff. You can develop training material. You can give tests and quizzes. You can design training programs with time as an element, it can do all of that. You can even design courses with ChatGPT. You can tell ChatGPT to come up with a time frame for learning each part of a subject.”

Parker added that ChatGPT can be used for brainstorming, articles, planning, meeting content, customer service responses, and more.

Even in the finer details of equipment financing itself, the panelists said that ChatGPT can produce credit assessment profiles and analysis, analyze and summarize financial data, and scrutinize contracts,

Of course, all of this only works if one understands what to put in and takes the care to evaluate what comes out. It’s all about the proper “prompt.” One example offered of a prompt that wouldn’t work is: “teach me credit analysis.” Something like that would be too vague and would result in a response that was too broad. Part of the reason there are panels and webinars about ChatGPT to begin with is so the industry can learn how to leverage it for maximum productivity.

Last modified: July 28, 2023
Anaya VanceAnaya Vance is a reporter for deBanked. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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