Lending Valley is Now Offering Funding Up to $5 Million

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LendingValleyLending Valley, based in New York City, is proud to announce that we are expanding funding options for funding up to $5 million. In the years following the global pandemic, Lending Valley helped many small businesses stay afloat, giving them the capital necessary to fund payroll, purchase materials, and keep the lights on even when patronage was at an all-time low. Now, Lending Valley will offer even larger funding to small and mid-sized businesses to keep them thriving.

Since its conception, Lending Valley has offered a wide range of business funding targeted toward supporting small businesses, including the following options:

  • Unsecured business funding – No collateral needed. The business owner’s ability to repay the funding is the only thing securing the funding.
  • Funding for entrepreneurs with bad credit – Unfortunately, going out on a limb for business ventures can often lead to bad credit for entrepreneurs. Traditional funding won’t consider these merchants, but Lending Valley will.
  • Emergency business funding – Any emergency, personal or business, can derail even the best business plan. Short-term emergency funding can prevent long-term damage.

Businesses that have benefited from Lending Valley’s services vary widely, from the film industry to convenience stores and gas stations, cannabis farms and dairy farms, to dental practices and more. Lending Valley is a different type of funder, providing custom tailored funding options. Unlike traditional funding that can take weeks to approve and fund, Lending Valley deposits cash into the business’s account within 24 hours in most cases!

About Lending Valley

Lending Valley is a FinTech company that has already funded a lot of small businesses of all types across the U.S. For all inquiries, email Clark@lendingvalley.com

Last modified: May 2, 2023
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