Why SellersFunding is Now SellersFi

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sellersfiThe financial platform dedicated to servicing e-commerce companies is now going by the name, SellersFi. Diversifying the brand beyond their funding capabilities, the rebranding is to bridge the gap between working capital and payment solutions.

Onward with the name change, starting in April they’ll be offering insurance and improving the capabilities of their digital wallet. And in Q3 this year, they’ll be launching FDIC insured business checking accounts for their clients, as well as credit cards. SellersFi will also continue to fund from as low as $25,000 to $10 million, to be the go-to platform for all their customers’ financial needs.

“…working capital and risk management is in our DNA, it’s the core of our business, and we will always be like that,” said Ricardo Pero, CEO at SellersFi. “But that doesn’t mean that we will turn our backs to opportunities to serve our clients in a more efficient way than what they have these days in other segments of the market.”

Clients already can channel their marketplace payouts digitally, so the idea is to offer an under-one-roof, all-in-one solution. They have also added on a product called Invoice Flex where their clients can choose to pay between 3 to 12 installments on their invoice.

“Every time our customers demand solutions and improvements in our platform, we hear them,” said Pero.

Last modified: March 28, 2023
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