Lendica Integrates with Shopify and Salesforce

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LendicaShopify and Salesforce users will now be able to access loan products through Lendica. Now, how does it work? Lendica gives their software to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and once installed, their customers will have access to Lendica’s funding products (PayLater, FundNow, and DrawDown).

PayLater is similar to how BNPL works, allowing vendors to delay their payments to a weekly basis. FundNow resembles an accounts receivable product where merchants can get paid up to 90 days ahead of the seller terms offered from their wholesale account. DrawDown is working capital that allows businesses to borrow against their future cash flow. These three products can be integrated into Shopify and Salesforce with an embedded funding or pay later button.

“We’re giving this tool to these ISVs so that their customers can instantly access our product and then learn about our other funding tools,” said Jared Shulman, CEO at Lendica.

“The most important piece, and this is kind of the excitement of Salesforce and Shopify is that what Lendica was doing is building this missing infrastructure in the small business lending space…,” said Shulman. “And what that is, is this standardized lending language, we call it the Lendica token that allows any financial institution to get a complete picture of a business, and then a point of reference on what that picture means.”

Lendica has experienced strong adoption of its products. According to Shulman, its PayLater product alone has garnered more than 10% growth month over month.

Last modified: February 8, 2023
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