What The Collaboration Between Helix by Q2 and Ubiquity Means

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HelixWith the rising phenomenon of embedded finance springing across the industry, Helix by Q2 and Ubiquity have partnered together to help non-bank companies embed financial services inside of their existing offerings. Headquartered in Austin, TX, Helix by Q2 gives fintechs and brands the building blocks of banking such as accounts, cards, payments, data and more. New York-based Ubiquity, meanwhile, provides end-to-end solutions for customer experience management, back-office operations, and business transformation.

“We did a ton of diligence looking at all of the different players in the space and we felt that Ubiquity was the best partner for us and also for our partner prospects to help them build personalized managed services at scale so that they can focus on launching an excellent and unique product,” said Ahon Sarkar, General Manager of Helix by Q2.

Sarkar expressed the importance of personalization when customers are seeking assistance so that (1) they can be directed to the right person for their matter and (2) so they can make the overall customer experience beneficial to the services they’re seeking. The “cookie-cutter” customer service experience, as he described it, doesn’t always mesh with a brand’s identity. Ubiquity, however, goes the extra mile in Helix’s view in maintaining that brand pesonalization.

Matt Agronin, Chief Marketing Officer at Ubiquity, said that when it comes to dealing with financial products in particular, it becomes incredibly personal, that there’s nothing more personal than that.

“[…] when things seem too complex, or you’re getting piecemeal answers in your journey, when you’re a customer and you’re seeking to find answers, technology solutions that are robust, clear and unified, and a customer service organization that understands and empathizes with the customer’s situation are what are going to yield best,” Agronin said.

The collaboration is supposed to make for a smoother experience for customers to be led in the right financial direction when adding embedded finance as a service to what they already have.

“We’re taking the elements of banking and making it so that people can use those building blocks of finance, to create unique products, to create unique experiences,” said Sarkar, “and embedded finance is kind of what our customers are doing with it. They’re taking the banking products and they’re embedding it inside of their existing business in order to make things unique that you couldn’t make without being that type of business.”

With the strategy of providing better customer service, Agronin agrees that having Helix as a partner allows both companies to manage customers and grow in relationships with brands.

“At Ubiquity, we’re here to help brands scale fearlessly,” Agronin said. “So that means providing world class and dedicated CX brand ambassadors and seasoned banking operational professionals to help these fintechs grow their business and their customers. So, we’re here to help them in the background, take away parts of the business that they may not be able to handle right now given their size, or parts of the business that are not their core skill set so they are able to focus on their actual business and the product roadmap and we can help manage the customer.”

Last modified: August 31, 2022
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