The Power of the Suit

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texting businessmanGetting out of bed in the morning can be rough after a long night’s rest but jumping into your work outfit is like putting on a superhero cape to go out and save small businesses that need capital. Working in the finance industry, wardrobe is the last thing mentioned in regards to the job itself, but it is what allows many to put their best foot forward.

“I come from a suit and tie background, it’s like a uniform,” said Mike Brooks, owner of Best Connect Capital. “So, when you’re a broker and you’re dealing with business owners, you’re holding a lot of weight, a lot of power in your hands, especially when you get a good client on the hook. So, I just feel that dressing appropriately whether it’s a suit and tie or work casual is absolutely essential.”

There’s a saying, Brooks continued, “When you look good you feel good.”

“I’m a woman, I like to dress up, it’s fun but most importantly we’re working in a male dominated industry,” said Angelina Fletcher, Director of Business Development at Wing Lake Capital. “A lot of the brokers and lenders that I work with have been in the industry for 20 plus years, they’ve already built their brand, I’m still building my brand. Walking into these events looking fresh and professional makes me feel good and confident so I can focus on networking.”

And when striving to close those business deals, having a special piece of clothing that gives one an extra push can dictate the confidence he/she possess throughout the day. Whether it’s a favorite tie or a favorite pair of shoes, there can be an item that sets the tone.

“My biggest thing is my Rolex watch, when you’re in situations it definitely gives you a sense of confidence,” said Brooks. “It’s a life milestone to be able to purchase a Rolex even if people are way past that point in their mind.”

It’s not so much about accessories, however, to Dr. Rev. R.J. Rochelle, Business Financial Planner & Exit Strategist. Rochelle starts his day off by being active.

“I’ll take a pre-workout,” Rochelle said. “Now that pre-workout gets me pumped, it’s better than coffee. And then I’ll go work out.”

On wardrobe, Rochelle said he finds it important to put his best foot forward when he’s out meeting potential clients in person and that the mindset comes more from starting off the day with music or a sales podcast.

“When I commute or when I’m about to go out to the field in particular to get pumped up, I may play like Commas by Future because we’re talking about making money,” Rochelle said.

Fletcher of Wing Lake also has a routine that gets her started.

“I meditate, I drink my coffee and I have liquid IV,” she said.

Whatever the routine or the gear, there’s a little magic to it all.

“if you’re like a medic or a police officer or you’re in the army and you’re wearing like clothes that don’t match up with what you’re doing… I’m sure [they’d] feel different,” said Brooks of Best Connect Capital.

Last modified: August 15, 2022
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