MJ Capital Had Thousands More Investors Than Previously Believed

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secAn amended complaint filed last week by the SEC against MJ Capital Funding, LLC et al. revealed a shocking new assessment, that the alleged ponzi scheme attracted more than four times the amount of investors originally believed. With more than 9,000 investors now accounted for, the number has continued to shoot up since the case was first filed last August.

Between them all, MJ Capital collected $194.1M in investor funds, the amended complaint states. $56M of it was allegedly misused through payments made to various entities, “a substantial portion of which represent payments to sales agents for promoting the investments in the MJ Companies.” Another $64M was paid back to investors as purported returns from the company’s business operations.

Those operations were minuscule, the SEC claims. MJ Capital is alleged to have only allocated $872,000 towards the line of work it claimed to be operating in.

Possessing the hallmarks of a classic ponzi scheme, the SEC further said that “the only way the MJ Companies could honor their obligations to investors would be by successful continuation of their fraudulent scheme. Once the supply of new investors was exhausted, the MJ Companies would be unable to pay the promised returns to existing investors.”

Last modified: March 28, 2022

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