Surpasses 75,000 Records as Fraud Rises

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DataMerch grows past 75,000 unique records entered by funder-members

Tampa, March 21, 2022 /DeBanked/ —, an online underwriting database for the alternative financing industry, announced they had surpassed 75,000 unique records in their database. The company that was founded in 2015 has grown to become an industry standard in up front application screening.

With an uptick in submissions and growing demand for working capital, fraud continues to rise. It is difficult to catch these files, but there are growing number of tools available to combat the issue. DataMerch is on the frontline of community reporting to avoid these files when possible.

“Our industry has come out of the pandemic strong and more and more funders are seeing the value in DataMerch,” said Co-Founder Scott Williams. “As the record count grows, hit rate and relevancy continue to rise for our members. We continue to see strong demand for this type of information for underwriting decisions.”

DataMerch leadership say they are focused on growing membership and record count moving forward. They also mentioned upcoming updates to the API to upgrade security, stability, and revise to a full 9-digit EIN search via API.

About DataMerch

DataMerch LLC was founded in 2015 to help funders in the alternative financing industry make informed underwriting decisions. DataMerch members can screen their applications using DataMerch’s specifically designed EIN search and contribute to the database by entering unsatisfactory businesses. DataMerch currently has over 140 industry-leading subscribed members working together as a community. DataMerch can be accessed at and contacted for membership at

Last modified: March 21, 2022
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