MCA-Centric Fintech Looks to Continue Expanding into US Market

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Pria Chandrakumar
Pria Chandrakumar (second from right) accepts the Fintech Woman of the Year Award at the Fintech India Expo in November

“I had an ISO once ask me if our software was for real. He was like, ‘Can it really do all that?’”

SysArc, an Indian fintech company that has branched into the US market via Texas, attended Broker Fair last week in order to pitch their product to the industry’s head honchos. The company offers software specifically catered to each component of the MCA process. With software program names like FUNDperfect and ISOperfect, deBanked was all ears.

“FUNDperfect, is a highly configurable solution with an exceptional capacity to adapt and is function-based on diverse organizational needs,” said Pria Chandrakumar, Vice President of Customer Engagement at SysArc, and winner of 2021 Fintech Woman of the Year in India. “We have a merchant portal where merchants can submit an application online, upload documents and even authorize bank verification so bank statements can be automatically pulled.”

When asked about the company’s thought process on creating an MCA-focused software, it appears as if SysArc came upon a niche after casting a net into the greater finance world. “[We’ve] always had a strong presence in the US servicing banks, credit unions, FHLBs, and MCAs,” said Chandrakumar. “We are experts in lending and cater to all forms of lending right from real estate, mortgages, personal loans, [and] small business loans.“

The biggest difficulty it seems for fintechs across the space, including SysArc, is trying to explain how tech can be useful to an industry that has been dominated by sales tactics and practices that go back generations. Chandrakumar spoke on some of reasons that make brokers and funders who operate in old-school sales mentalities hesitant to adopt fintech.

“Common misconceptions [among MCA] are affordability, complexity of software, loss of commission and mostly ignorance of what technology is capable of,” said Chandrakumar. “Brokers and funders must understand that the fintech industry has come a long way and has solved most of their operational problems.”

“The software also plays a huge role in reducing the risk since first level scoring and underwriting is done by the system, avoiding any human errors,” Chandrakumar continued.

FUNDperfect seems to be flexible in nature, so much so that it is broken down into smaller modules if needed, allowing ISOs and funders to pick the modules they need.

“ISOs can get just the brokering piece of the software called ISOperfect,” said Chandrakumar. “This takes the application through the point of selecting an offer and passing it on to the funder.”

After talking about plans of further expansion into the American market, Chandrakumar reiterated SysArc’s value in their gameplan of how to sell it here in the states. “We will use technology to make MCA financing quicker, while at the same time reducing the risks associated with funding by sharing data on merchant, ISO, and funder performances; so companies can make informed business decisions.”

Last modified: December 14, 2021
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