Fintech Company Launching Money Managing App with Big Incentives

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enzo logoThe fintech company Enzo is set to launch a money managing app within the end of the year and is handing out tremendous incentives to draw customers. The company is offering 10% cash back on Uber rides, 5% cashback on Doordash, 1.5% cashback on rent payments, and 1.25% cashback on everything else. Checking accounts offered by Enzo will also get a 0.50% interest rate.

Enzo’s cashback program has its limits. Annual cashback bonuses are capped at $500, and monthly cashback bonuses are capped at $65. According to their site, if a user spends $2,000 on rent, $150 on Uber, and $400 on DoorDash in one month, they would be credited $65 at the end of the month into their Enzo checking account. Once the monthly and/or annual cap has been triggered, an account will continue to earn 1.25% cashback on all other purchases.

“We started Enzo because we kept seeing our friends make the same money mistakes over and over,” said Jeremy Shoykhet, CEO of Enzo. “We saw people who excelled at every aspect of their lives struggling to get their finances in order [and] we felt there had to be a better way.”

Enzo will also be offering their first batch of account holders equity in the company.

“We feel very strongly about helping our members build and steward wealth,” said Shoykhet when asked about the company’s equity offer. “In connection with that mission, we are launching a first of its kind equity program where we will be giving equity to early evangelists of the Enzo brand, more information about the specific mechanics of the program will be available toward year-end,” he said. “The program does not require opening an Enzo account and is subject to terms and conditions.”

The company also has a stock trading interface within its mobile app, so customers can manage liquid cash and investments in the same place. According to Enzo’s website, customers can automatically track gains, dollar cost average over time, customize portfolios, and manage checking accounts all in the Enzo app.

“At our core, we want to help the millennial generation build the financial foundations that help them live the lives they desire,” Shoykhet said.

The company’s banking services will be FDIC insured through Blue Ridge Bank, who will hold all the money and process the transactions. They are also partnered with Unit for the backend technology in the software. Customers will have access to funds in their checking accounts with an Enzo debit card, which will be uniquely designed by artists for the first ten thousand account holders.

Enzo’s webpage claims that their inaugural staff is a “diverse team of veteran Wall Street investors, engineers, operations, and product folks.” They claim to have gathered top level employees from some of the top financial institutions around the globe.

Enzo’s accessibility and seemingly user-friendly software combined with their incentives for account holders portrays a very interesting notion in non-bank finance. Customers are looking for an easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to access multi-platform money management system with perks and incentives.

Enzo has a waiting list approaching 14,000 potential account holders as of Wednesday. As of now, according to Shoykhet, the program will launch as invite-only. They will add new customers into the program on a rolling basis.

This may not be the end of new financial services for Enzo, according to Shoykhet. He hinted to the company’s future plans in his explanation of the product. “We are also planning to launch innovative financial planning features through a mix of human advice [and] technology-powered advice.”

Last modified: September 29, 2021
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