Columbia University’s Fintech Bootcamp Starts Dec 8

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Columbia UniversityColumbia University will be launching an intensive Fintech course through the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science starting on December 8. The 24-week program advertises that students will learn the intricacies of participating and contributing in the fintech world.

According to Columbia’s website, the program will teach students about Python programming, financial libraries, machine learning algorithms, solidity smart contracts, Ethereum, blockchain, and more. The course also promises “real world experience” by completing data set related finance projects.

The workshop will be three days a week, part time, and is designed to be attended alongside a work schedule, according to Columbia’s website. The workshop will be held fully in-person and will require students to participate in projects both in and out of the classroom. “The goal is to give you a comprehensive learning experience and true insight into a “day in the life” of a fintech professional, according to the curriculum.

Part-time bootcamps through Columbia can be costly, as the standard rate sits at $13,995 before any type of scholarship or payment plans.

Columbia will also give members of the workshop full access to their wide array of career services, so that participants can find employment after the program is over.

Columbia University did not immediately return a request for comment about the course.

Last modified: September 15, 2021
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