Surpasses 50,000 Records

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DataMerch grows past 50,000 unique records entered by funder-members

datamerchTampa, July 7th, 2021 /DeBanked/ —, an online underwriting database for the alternative financing industry, announced they had surpassed 50,000 records in their database. The company that was founded in 2015 has grown to become an industry standard in up front application screening.

“Our records are unique because they are a datapoint that doesn’t exist anywhere else,” said Co-Founder Cody Burgess. “The challenging part when underwriting in the alternative financing industry is that credit and other reports only carry so much information. Our records are entered directly by our funder-members, so it’s easy access to see what type of history a merchant business has in our industry.” When asked what differentiates DataMerch records from other reports, Mr. Burgess responded, “Some of our categories are unique, like suspicious activity, slow pay, split payer, and Covid-19 Hardship. Our largest category is Default, which is also often difficult, if not impossible, to find on other reports. All data we hold is reported directly from our members, so it’s direct communication without aggregating all sorts of other information. We believe it is simple and powerful information for any underwriting department.”

DataMerch leadership say they will continue to grow their record count in the years ahead and hope to surpass 100,000 records in the future. They also hinted at upcoming updates to standardize uploading records moving forward with a rolling minimum upload requirement. Management says this will ensure that all members will evenly contribute moving forward and will help with the long-term success of the platform.

About DataMerch

DataMerch LLC was founded in 2015 to help funders in the alternative financing industry make informed underwriting decisions. DataMerch members can screen their applications using DataMerch’s specifically designed FEIN search and enter unsatisfactory businesses into the database. DataMerch currently has over 110 industry-leading subscribed members working together as a community. DataMerch can be accessed at and contacted for membership at

Last modified: July 7, 2021
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