Uplyft Capital Launches New Brand Identity, Putting its Business Friendly Technology Capabilities at the Forefront

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Rebrand Includes New Logo and Upgraded User Experience
Uplyft Capital Logo

Uplyft Capital, a technology-focused cash advance company today announced the launch of its new brand identity. The redesign emphasizes the company’s utilization of business-friendly technology solutions to improve communication, underwriting and servicing for its clients.

“Cash Advance companies in the US are broken and inefficient. We launched Uplyft in 2012 with one simple strategy in mind – to actually make receiving working capital simple, intuitive and human. We stand with our small business clients and we believe that technology can significantly improve the funding process. As we transition from a strictly human-based approach to a hybrid AI-driven model we believe we can service both Clients and Sales Partners more efficiently. Uplyft Capital is now better positioned to serve our growing and diverse client base,” said Michael Massa, Uplyft Capital CEO and Founder.

“The small business funding marketplace is changing quickly and we knew that we needed to transform with it. As we continue to grow, we want to provide improved capabilities for our trusted consumers, sales partners, and investors.

Uplyft Capital’s new logo visually exhibits the changed brand. Using a soft purple as its base for the icon, the lowercase “uplyft capital” wordmark is a more minimal and modern than the previous design. Uplyft Capital’s new icon plays with the “arrow in upwards growth” for small businesses, looking to get out of the current box they are in, a playful hearkening to Uplyft Capital’s mission to help the growth potential of each client.

“Uplyft Capital’s remarkable new identity is a product of focused research, strategy, and execution. We believe it perfectly conveys the foundational brand values of a modern, technologically-focused company adept and capable of tackling the future of small business funding, ” said Mr. Massa.

With the announcement of the rebrand, Uplyft Capital’s has also redesigned its consumer-facing user experience to better help customers and partners stay organized and efficient. With this redesign, users will find an improved user experience, particularly on mobile, with more natural and easy-to-use features with overall better reporting and tracking tools.

Last modified: May 29, 2018
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