Announcing the Launch of the SBFA Broker Council

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Broker Council seeks to promote responsibility to better serve small businesses

Washington, D.C.—The Small Business Finance Association (SFBA) today announced the launched a new initiative called the SFBA Broker Council dedicated to bringing together responsible brokers that serve small businesses to focus on creating best practices. The Council is co-chaired by Jared Weitz, founder & CEO of United Capital Source and James Webster, CEO & co-founder of National Business Capital. The mission of the Council will be to create standards and a certification for brokers who agree to best practices focused on four basic principles—transparency, responsibility, fairness, and security.

“We want to give small business owners confidence that the brokers they work with are trustworthy, vetted, and committed to being responsible,” said Jared Weitz. “We need to take steps to promote brokers who are acting in the best interest of small business owners and send a clear message about the valuable role we play in the small business finance ecosystem.”

“We need brokers who believe in best practices to enter the national conversation about small business alternative finance and show policymakers how we serve small business customers,” said James Webster. “We all know there are bad actors out there, but the goal of this Council is to help show the how responsible brokers are working to capitalize underserved small businesses.

“We appreciate Jared’s and James’ leadership in creating this new initiative within SBFA,” said Jeremy Brown, chairman of RapidAdvance and chairman of SBFA. “It is important we send a message to the millions of small businesses we serve that we support brokers who understand that transparency, responsibility, fairness, and security are critical to our industry’s future.”

SBFA is a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to ensuring Main Street small businesses have access to the capital they need to grow and strengthen the economy. SBFA’s mission is to educate policymakers and regulators about the technology-driven platforms emerging in the small business lending market and how our member companies bridge the small business capital gap using innovative financing solutions. The SBFA is supported by companies committed to promoting small business owners’ access to fair and responsible capital.

“Small business owners are a powerful constituency and we want to give them the utmost confidence in the alternative finance industry,” said Steve Denis, Executive Director of the SBFA. “This includes promoting brokers who are providing transparent capital solutions that they can trust.”


The Small Business Finance Association (SBFA) is a not-for-profit 501(c)6 trade association representing organizations that provide alternative financing solutions to small businesses.

Last modified: May 11, 2018
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