Holiday Bubble Helped Cause (Routine) Crypto Stumble

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CryptocurrencyThose cherished-yet awkward-family moments you navigated this holiday may be responsible for Bitcoin’s recent rollercoaster ride.

While that may be painting with a bit of a broad brush, it does appear that that the post New Year’s dip that befell the cryptocurrency world was tied to a festive hype-bubble.

Between Thanksgiving and the December holidays cryptocurrency was a hot topic around the dinner table while people spent extended time with their families, John Omar, head of the Chain Operator blog and cryptocurrency trading course, told deBanked.

Omar explained that not only were those that were already schooled in the ways of crypto-trading discussing their financial gains over apple cider and stuffing, but family and friends who were previously unaware or unfamiliar with the likes of Bitcoin were having their interests piqued.

This spurred a rapid uptick in pricing on the way to to unprecedented gains in Bitcoin and other crypto counterparts.

“No, this is not the end of crypto,” Omar told deBanked. “This is far from the end. What we’re seeing is a price correction after 2 months of unprecedented growth. It’s not even a historic price correction. There have been more dramatic movements. There are a few reasons why the price is correcting at this time: potential regulation from Korea, China and France, and people who bought into cryptocurrencies after the holidays selling off to realize profits.”

Emerson Taymor, founding partner of the strategies firm Philosophie, agrees with Omar’s stance.

“Bitcoin and the market has seen much more significant drops in its past and always rebounded with a vengeance. It is a healthy correction, but far from the end,” he said.

Like Omar, Taymor also attributes the recent drop to “regulatory headwind” overseas.

While he believes that cryptocurrencies best days are not necessarily behind them, there will be losers on the path to determining a clear winner.

“Remember, cryptocurrency is much more than the “stock price,” Taymor said. “We are seeing a fundamental shift in how technology is going to be created. I believe we will have another big run up for the next 6-12 months and then we will have the real bubble bursting. Much like the Dot Com bubble, we will see people lose a lot of money and companies implode like and Webvan, but we’ll also discover the next Amazon!”

Last modified: January 18, 2018

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