Lending Club Failure Has Shocking Twist

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explicit contentOne general rule about meeting with a banker to apply for a loan is to not present yourself like a slob. That means dress professionally, comb your hair, trim your nails, sit up straight, be polite and sound as sophisticated as you possibly can. Then maybe, just maybe you might be seriously considered for an approval.

Well, things work a little bit differently out on the Internet. One applicant decided to try the opposite approach with Lending Club and their words became public record when the offering got registered with the SEC. Take a look:

(It’s okay if this photo is hard to see, we zoom in 2 images down)

Lending Club fail

Just another D-grade note offering a 19.05% return. Oh wait…

lending club fail

Look closer at the applicant’s answers…

lending club loan answers

Congratulations, you just fast tracked yourself to the rejection bin! Oh wait, what’s that? You can check the loan number on the filing with the public data on Lending Club?…

lending club fail funded


Lending Club failure funded

Behold the power of online lending!

F you, F that, Don’t waste my time with this sh*t and send me the damn $29,000.

Sounds good to me! It was 100% funded and the borrower is currently in good standing. They are already halfway through their 5-year loan.

I honestly don’t know what to make of this. What’s crazier? The fact that 256 investors contributed money to it or the fact that the borrower is in good standing halfway into the 5-year loan?

You can find the original registered security here. Just search for the f bomb.

Last modified: April 7, 2015
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