Beware of Phishing Attempts! Hacker Pretends to be Elavon

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We don’t have a merchant account with Elavon but according to an e-mail we received, we thought maybe we did. In the last month, we’ve had the honor of testing out some cool payment technology, which often times required the use of a test account. So when we received an e-mail saying our account at Elavon had been compromised, we thought there might be some truth to it. Turns out it was a bogus phishing attempt. A representative at Elavon has advised us not to click the link. If you receive an e-mail like the one below, DELETE IT!


From: “VirtualMerchant” <>

Subject: Security Alert

Date: December 21, 2011 2:35:30 PM EST



Dear Client,

We recently reviewed your account, and we are suspecting that your Merchant account may have been accessed from an unauthorized computer.

We are asking you to immediately login and report any unauthorized activity.

Client Login

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Elavon has informed us that they would never send an e-mail that requested their clients to login. Be careful! When in doubt, call your merchant account rep.

Last modified: January 3, 2012
Sean Murray

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