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To Merchant Processing Resource:

I recently had a gentleman come and see us. I would say maybe 2 or 3 months ago. His name is: Timothy C Anderson, a Senior Account Executive at CardPayment Direct. This gentleman said he could get our company into a complete POS system for FREE. I gave this gentleman copies of our merchant statement, he said he needed this information to be able to come up with the exact amount of money he could save us. My concern is that a month or two have passed and we have not heard anything. I did make contact with him about a month ago and he said he was waiting for swipers to come in. He could not set up the system without them. I am VERY uneasy with this situation considering I did give him a lot of information, not only information about our company but our merchant statements have customer info on it as well. Do you know or have you heard of this man? Can you help me to understand why we have not been contacted except when I reach out to him. Is this legit? What do I need to do to better help this along as for we desperately need this system as well. I would like to either do this or find out where exactly is the info I gave this man? Thank You for your time and help in this matter,
– Christy

Hi Christy,

I have never heard of Tim Anderson personally. It sounds like he is just a regular salesman for CardPayment Direct. Merchant statements do not contain any sensitive information and should not have any customer information on them whatsoever. CardPayment Direct is a known company but we can’t explain why your process has taken so long. I have never heard of any system taking multiple months to setup. You should probably contact CardPayment Direct’s main # for information. Did you sign a contract with him already? Are you already being billed for their services? If so, that would be a big red flag and you should contact the main # to try and cancel. We hope that helps.

– deBanked

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