Sales Agents Are You A Doofus?

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Update 1/16/2012: are you a boob?

The attached advertisement came tucked inside our latest issue of the Green Sheet. By now, this must mean that these ads are working for them. LOL.



Are you a doofus? A few folks in Basalt, CO are challenging resellers of merchant processing services to find out. Total Merchant Services recently launched an ad campaign touting their ability to maximize both customer and reseller satisfaction. But their target market is having mixed reactions, leading some to claim they have completely missed the mark.

And unlike many controversial ads, this one leaves no wiggle room for interpretation:

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Avoid being inept in your career and work with Total Merchant Services!

Of course this may appeal to the younger resellers who are drawn in by flashy, satirical marketing. But for seasoned agents who’ve been in the business 5, 10, 20, and 30 years, they’re unlikely to be anything less than highly proficient. There’s a learning curve in the industry and the ones that turn it into a steady career have already figured out how to balance a good processing deal for both themselves and their customers.

If you click through to the actual full advertisement, it boasts that agents need not worry any longer about tricking their customers. “Who wants to get angry calls from merchants that feel they were tricked? Not you!” It says a lot about who they’re targeting.

Of course on the other hand, it may all just be a ploy to get their company some press. “Did you hear what Total Merchant Services did?!” Maybe you wouldn’t have if they ran the same plain vanilla ads that everyone else does.

Avoid being a dumb bastard and learn a few things at the Merchant Processing Resource!

What do you think?

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