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  • "No" Is The Way

    “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”

    - Marcus Aurelius

    Sales is a high rejection game, and hearing “no” at every step of the Sales Process is just part of this game.

    No can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Both to the person saying it and the person hearing it.

    No can be the obstacle that stops us dead in our tracks.

    No can be the obstacle that convinces us head back with our tail between our legs.


    No can be the obstacle that motivates us to change our approach and advance Forward.

    Your ears may have heard “no.” But what does your mind hear?

    The truth is the obstacle cannot convince us of anything. We are the ones constantly attaching meanings to what we hear, and convincing ourselves of what the next steps we take will be.

    As Funding Pros, hearing “no” will be often. Sometimes it will be loudly.

    But a deal will never fall through because of a No. It can only fall through because of how an agent responds to No. Conversely, every deal is won with how the Funding Pro responds to No.

    Hearing “no” is a comforting sign that you are on the right track. Silence is the true enemy.

    You can sell a yes, you can sell a no. You cannot sell silence.

    When No presents itself in the Sales Process, this is a great opportunity to get curious and get to the root of why the No is here.

    What is driving it?

    What is the true hesitation?

    What is really holding the client back?

    What is needed to convert it to a Yes?

    Every No is an opportunity for key learnings.

    Every No is an opportunity to build even more rapport with the client, get curious and understand their world/business at a deeper level, and creatively provide a solution that allows both parties to win.

    The worthy opponent makes you better, it is the tool that sharpens you, makes your stronger, smarter, better.

    As Ryan Holiday and the late Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius would say, “the obstacle becomes the way.”

    For Funding Pros, No is the Way.