Honest-Ethical Independent Brokers Wanted
1st Position Only
Direct Split or Lock-Box
No Internal Sales Brokers
No Shopping Of Applications
No Stacking Allowed
Usage Of Funds Required
We Contact all Merchants Directly - No False Info On Apps
NO UCC Filing
No Personal Guarantee
CC Processor Does NOT Require Changing

Credit Card Split Funding
Merchant Cash Advance by Leveraging Monthly Visa & MasterCard Sales.

•Payments adjust to your daily credit card sales
•No invoices to read or track; no checks to write or mail
•No collateral required
•Competitive rates based on strength of your business & credit score.
•Typically approved within 72 hours after submission of documents
•Payment terms can range from 3-12 months

We fund a minimum of $2,500 up to a maximum of $250,000, depending upon your average monthly sales and the strength of the business.

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