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  • Medical Practice with 4 open advances

    Medical practice with 4 open daily advances - totaling $400 per day seeking reverse. I received 2 denials and if consolidated the merchant would actually save money - received a response about declining revenue - the revenue is declining as the payments are absorbing the cash flow. Does anyone know a solid company that does reverse consolidation?

    please email only:

    Thank you kindly

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    If they qualify, why not a Bank Term Loan 9 rates would be in the range of Rates range from 8.9% - 12.6% APR*


    FICO: 660 minimum with all 3 bureaus
    Time in Business: 2 years minimum
    Annual Revenues: $250k minimum last 2 years
    ​Industries: All Good EXCEPT No Cannabis Related
    Available in all 50 states

    Dave Lambert
    FC Financial LLC
    1-727-291-7890(Leave Message or Text)
    Office: 1-727-233-1111
    Skype: fc-financial


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      More than likely over leveraged - probably won't qualify for much of a term loan if only $8,000 a month in debt payments is a struggle. Can't be much of a the issue Accounts Receivable?...if so I have medical factoring companies that can factor medical. Do they have assets we can take a loan against to pay the debt? Medical equipment that's paid? Property with equity?

      Steve Benjamin
      Professional Business Loans
      Irvine, CA 92620