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  • File from 2021??
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  • Co-brokers SBA loans - make up to 5 points

    I co-broker all my SBA deals.
    I have 6+ SBA lenders I use
    Some pay 2 points plus 1.75 referral fee
    Some pay 2 points plus 1% referral fee
    Some pay only 2 points.
    Many brokers feel they need to charge a 3% PSF on all their loans, but I make it clear to them that if they do that here they can't be claim it as a SBA loan or service fee..It must be a separate function from obtaining a SBA loan as the SBA contract the client signs CLEARLY STATES "I didn't pay a separate fee to obtain this loan".
    I do not take part in ANY PSF amount from any broker on any loans I do.
    And I split my fees 50%....includes the SBA 2% and the referral fee paid by the lender.
    So on many of my SBA loans a broker can make almost 2% plus their 3% PSF fee is they so decide to go that route. That's their choice and I stay out of that.
    And the 2% SBA fee is up to $1MM....anything over $1MM, you only get .25%
    And I use a Non-bank SBA lender that can collateralize personal
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