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  • Have 1 client with 3 medical businesses - need to consolidate 400K in balances

    My client has 3 companies - 5 advances total - 2 on one company, 2 on another and 1 on another. All weekly - 400K left paid down from 750K original balances. . All 3 businesses have strong daily balances. No negative days, no bounced payments. Over 1 year old. medical businesses with 90 + deposits per month from insurance companies. Who does these types of consolidations? No cash needed.
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    Depends on how recent the 2nd MCA is on the two that are each. I hate to see people consolidate from one or two MCA "loans" to 1 to reduce payments. All you do it pay high interest/factor rate for a longer period to reduce the payment. If they have decent Fico look into personal loan, Business LOC or hard money property loan and get out of these altogether.


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      I could take a look at it if you are still looking to do this. Shoot me an email and we can connect on this.

      Juan-Diego Valerio | Sr. Business Advisor


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        Leon Davis see us in statements i can deff take a look at it for you email me for iso agreements
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