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  • 3M N95 1860 Surgical Masks in NY - Large Quantities

    Multi-million units in New York, 3M Brand N95 1860 Medical masks

    -Can come and inspect TODAY.

    To be allowed to inspect, you MUST have:

    -Signed Purchase Order

    -Funds for purchase in your own escrow, protected by your own attorney (this is 3M mandate, NO EXCEPTIONS).

    -We can also provide escrow service with JP Morgan if you prefer.

    -Wholesale orders and pricing - MINIMUM ORDER is a few million units at a time.

    -After inspection, supplies are delivered to your warehouse or any location of your choice.

    -Once you receive medical supplies at your chosen location, they are in your possession, and a second inspection (SGS) takes place, your funds in escrow are released to seller.

    516 415 1499

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