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  • Franklin
    replied to Pop Crumbs Leads?
    I generally hear positive things about Pop Crumbs, WITH the caveat that you have a sizable budget with them. When you're on a lower tier it becomes more hit and miss.

    Your options for good leads are:

    1) Test every 3rd party lead provider you see (costs time and money, but you weed out the scrubs and eventually find thew solid ones).

    2) Learn it yourself (costs much more time and some money, but now you are self sufficient when you learn it, as long as you stay on top of trends and changes)

    3) Hire an internal marketing director (Costs more money but less time as they have the experience, and you are still self sufficient as he/she works for you, as long as you treat them right, and you have someone manning the helm and growing your company).

    4) Partner with a lead generator or lead generation company (Costs money and some time, basically you get first look at all the volume you can handle, at usually a wholesale...
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  • Hi Steve, when you say looking for brokers, are you looking for them to submit deals to you, or are you looking to own the broker shop, or maybe be a first look shop to you? A client of mine is asking.

 - 100 Man Call Center Automation, without the Bodies.
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  • John everything you said is completely factual, but the two issues are:

    1) Doing it wrong still brings an ROI to the lender, at least for a time.

    2) Doing it the right way, when you've never done it that way before, feels like infinitely more work (and more time without seeing results) than just spraying away, and getting immediate gratification.

    The advantage to doing it right, is you end up with a list that is truly yours, responsive, and can be leveraged repeatedly. Doing this over time leads to far greater profits, you can actually send less emails, get much less bounces, and get a higher ROI.

    But doing it the right way can take weeks if not months.

    There is a tool that operates in reverse that's worked well for Iso's/funders.

    It generates Email addresses of merchants that are currently seeking funding or waiting to see a funding offer (meaning they've applied already). At least that way you're...
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