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  • Partner Manager looking to build Broker/Partner relations for MCA,WC,EF - Getbackd

    I'm looking to build new business relations with Brokers for MCA, Working Capital, and Equipment Financing. My name is David Romero and I'm a Partner Manager with Getback'd (Direct Lender). We fund A/B papers and do 2nd positions and up(case by case on 3rd position). I work hard for the people I work for, just give me a chance and let me show you what I can do.

    We have a lot of capital to work with, and if my underwriter says we can do the deal I will close it. We offer funding for industries our competitors won't (Cannabis/Alcohol/etc.) and offer almost 100% consolidation!

    We have a lucrative incentive plan for our partners, and I want to close more deals!

    You can contact me at

    I look forward to the new connections and contacts to come!
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    Some of the merchant's I know have negative days at least 4-10 times out of the month for 3 months consecutively. These are the types of merchants that need can you ask your underwriter if that's a file you'll look at?


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      GulfCoastFunding sure. PM me your contact info


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        I would like to try your company out because I have a few submissions that everyone has been turned down.. My number 8134475383. Please call me.If you are a direct lender I would like to sign up with you guys.


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          We fund High-Risk Deals and would love to work together!!

          Do we fund
          Defaults? Yes
          Multiple Positions? Yes
          Bad Credit? Yes
          Reverse Consolidations? Yes
          The merch have all the above and Negative days? No

          We will fund any merchant that has healthy revenue... We offer a second chance when nobody else will

          High-Risk with High-Revenue is our specialty!
          Let's Get Funding!!
          All I do is FUND FUND FUND no matter what...

          Madison Capital Fund
          Josh Kinder - Senior Funder