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  • Titan Mind - Disciplined Perception

    Setbacks and obstacles are a constant in the Sales Process.

    It is a must to continually inoculate yourself against and overcome adversity.

    Maybe a deal is stalling.

    Maybe your pipeline is trending towards a place you’re not happy with.

    Maybe it felt like a fruitless day.

    How we respond to an obstacle in the moment, will define the results we produce - to turn things around, move forward, or even capitalize on an opportunity we hadn't even seen before.

    How we respond in the moment is foundationally dependent on our perception of what is going on at that time.

    Perceptionis the filter we use to understand and give meaning to the events that are occurring around us.

    Events objectively are neither good nor bad. It is our perception that label them so.

    John D. Rockefeller, the oil titan, who started as a humble bookkeeper and aspiring investor, was known by his business colleagues for his coolness under pressure.

    This was a discipline of coolness that was practiced and first forged in the heat and pain of the panic of 1857, and the crippling depression that ensued.

    Most adversities break people down – post-traumatic stress.

    For some, adversity strengthens them, they build themselves up – post-traumatic growth.

    Rockefeller decided to practice seeing the opportunity in every obstacle, every disaster - and there were many events where this practice was put to the test. The Civil War, the panics of 1873, 1907 and 1929, among others.

    While others over-relied on their impulsive emotions, panicked, and did rash things – John capitalized and seized opportunities.

    It starts with a quality question:

    What is the opportunity in this obstacle?

    Disciplined practice of this question in the face of obstacles will create results that move us Forward through any adversity.

    How has asking this question helped you in the past?