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  • Lucky Or Prepared?

    ďLuck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.Ē


    Production month in and month out is typically peak and valley for ordinary performers.

    According to this paradigm, there are months deals go our way and we get ďlucky.Ē

    Other months, ahh well, it was a myriad of factors that got in the way. ďWhat are you gonna do?Ē

    What if there is no luck?

    What if through preparation, consistent practice and rituals we can start to see what others cannot?

    We can start to hear what slips others? Feel in our intuition what may seem like an annoying itch to some?

    How do we get in that Zone, where the game slows down for us?


    Itís making the dials.

    Itís knowing our numbers.

    Itís driving submissions.

    Itís closing approvals.

    Itís analyzing deals lost.

    Itís analyzing deals won.

    Itís learning every day.

    Itís training and practicing every day.

    Itís sending the emails.

    Itís reading deBanked to professionally develop ourselves and be ahead of industry news.

    Itís refining our pitches and rebuttals.

    Itís turning ourselves on to peak emotional states.

    Itís keeping close management of our pipeline.

    Itís managing and mastering time allocation.

    Itís prioritization.

    Itís energy maximization.

    Itís follow up.

    Itís prospecting every day.

    Itís competing with ourselves every day for 1 more dial/contact.

    Daily Routine is the ultimate Preparation. It allows us to tap into higher levels of performance day in and day out.

    Neuroscientist Paul Whelan, in his 2004 research study of elite athletes, found that most of the decisions we make every day, thus most of our performance, is driven by our unconscious.

    Itís consistent daily repetition that allows us to condition our unconscious to execute EXTRAordinarily.

    To perform at our peak, compete every day at the highest level, we must consistently drill our routines until the results they produce become automatic Ė unconscious competence.

    As Jeffrey Gitomer put it, ďPrepare to win, or lose to some who is.Ē

    Happy Funding!


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