* deBanked's click tally is a conservative figure. Although all the clicks we calculate are real, not every single click is counted.

This is because a user's browser settings or internet connection could bypass or impact our server's ability to record the click. Automated bots not using browsers are also not counted. Furthermore, deBanked's own network is blocked by our analytics so clicks performed from our network are not counted. That means any testing we do of your ads isn't affecting your numbers.

The good news is that your click total represents the low end of generated activity and it is likely significantly higher.

How can I better track activity generated from the deBanked website?

You should strongly consider using a dedicated landing page or URL parameters. If it's a landing page, you can be relatively confident that all traffic to that page arose from deBanked's website. If it's URL parameters, you can track the origin of clicks to any page on your site. Both require you to use some type of analytics software on your site which we absolutely recommend for you to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing.

What happens if I change my ad URL with deBanked?

These stats are designed to only show active URLs. However, if you are doing an A/B test, it will only show your stats for A or B.

I'm running an A/B campaign but it only shows me 1 set of stats

Our analytics does not distinguish URL parameters on our side of the connection. URL parameters are more easily recorded when the visitor arrives on your site. So if you are running an A/B campaign of yoursite.com?ad=1 and yoursite.com?ad=2, our analytics will only record it as yoursite.com. If this is unhelpful, consider creating individual URLs such as yoursite.com/page1 and yoursite.com/page2 and we will record stats for each individually.

My ad clicks have dropped over time or are underperforming my expectations

Marketing is a work-in-progress. Consider changing the design and/or message of your ads and try again. We have a designer you can work with and you can send us replacement ads at any time.

I got a lot of clicks, but it didn't turn into anything

Customer acquisition is an end-to-end process. Once the visitor arrives on your site, we are no longer involved in what happens next. It will be important to create a design experience specifically catered to the type of customer you hope to obtain from the originating site. It is also important to use analytics software to track what visitors do once they arrive on your page. If they are not doing what you intend, fine-tune the user experience until they do. There are entire fields of study dedicated to landing page optimization. The more optimized your page, the more likely a visitor will engage with your business. And when they do, be sure to have the tools in place to know how they got to you, whether it's a call, email, or web form, etc.

If you don't know how to do this, we can refer you to a company with experience in this area that is familiar with the industry in which you operate.

Are people actually using the deBanked website?

Yes, we get more than a half million human visitors per year and the average visit lasts longer than 4 minutes, longer than the average session on Instagram.

How does deBanked compare to another site like DailyFunder.com?

DailyFunder gets fewer visitors than deBanked but commands about twice the attention span (about 8+ minutes for an average visit). In fact, DailyFunder visitors spend nearly 50% more time on DailyFunder in an average session than the average user spends on Facebook! It's okay if you are considering DailyFunder versus deBanked as we operate that site as well. Combined, the two sites generate 1 million+ visits per year. If anything, we recommend you advertise on both. :-)

I have questions!

Great! Email us at info@debanked.com or call us at (212) 220-9084