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  • 12-15 Points Commission Overnight Capital LLC

    Let's talk for a few, so I can introduce who we are and what benefits we have compared to other lenders. So here it is :
    1. We are the lender, we are not brokers who farm your deal out .
    2. We hold proprietary info of your merchants sacred, if we do not fund it, we do not forward anywhere else,
    3. We pay our ISO partners min 12 points for C & D paper , 13 points for B paper and 15 points for A paper .
    4. We pay our ISO partners 48 hrs after funding,
    5. We contact you directly for refi's never the merchant direct. Usually 70% paid in , sometimes 60% depending on merchants pay history.
    6. Terms from 6-8 months. can go 10 months on some merchants.

    That's it , we are aggressive in funding , we pre approve within 45 minutes of submission and can fund within the same day.
    Cell : 347-283-6819