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  • ByzFunder-Signing up ISOs for B&C Paper, No High-Risk Files, 15 point upsell+3% Bonus

    ByzFunder is now signing on new ISO's looking for a positive change in pace for funding their B&C paper clients. We're offering the opportunity to work with a close-knit group that strives to compete with a speedy funding process. We focus on giving more accommodating approvals on 2nd and 3rd positions as that is our bread and butter.

    Most importantly, we do hard underwriting upfront and the approval that you are given is the final approval. Mitigating your chance of losing the merchant to another funder, we make sure your relationship with them is not strained and only enhanced.

    Terms are available for up to 10 months, starting at 1.29 Buy Rate and approvals within 2-3 hours! Same days Funding!

    Commission Structure
    - Up to 15 points + 3% bonus within 30 days of signing up. Paid the next day.

    Contact me today and let's get started.
    1. Maximum of two current MCA positions.
    2. Average of 5-10 Deposit minimum per month.
    3. Maximum average of 2-4 NSF/OD per month.
    4. Average of 4 negative days per month at maximum.
    5. Average minimum of $30,000 per month in revenue.
    6. FICO Range of 500-620.
    7. Minimum of 1 year in business.
    8. No excessive returns or overdrafts.
    9. No defaults on MCAs.
    10. Must show consistent daily balances.
    11. We have no landlord verifications.
    12. Your employees work your deals. We DO NOT have an in-house sales division that works your deals or renews them.
    13. Our turnaround time is under 2hrs for approvals. Funding within 4 hours once all stipulations are met. We are fast.

    David M. Sica
    Business Development Manager
    Desk: 646.741.2929
    Direct: 347.831.4336